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Do Renault Méganes have electronic issues?

Do Renault Méganes have a reputation for electronic problems?

I'm seeing a lot of complaints online about electric window problems and dashboard displays failing and they seem pretty expensive to repair if out of warranty. Has Renault said anything about these being faults? I know there was something in the UK about the dashboard problems. Would be good to know where I stand. I had a problem previously with one window on my old Mégane, but my mechanic repaired free of charge.

Sharon Newmn

Feb 2011 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Sharon,

Earlier Renault Méganes were not without their problems, but the latest ones have improved a lot. If you could let us know what year your Mégane is we can investigate your problem with Renault and see what they say.

Let us know.



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