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What car-based van will I buy?

I currently drive a 2005 Toyota Avensis saloon - 1.6-litre petrol. I travel up to 450 miles every week to work so I'm looking at getting a diesel car, maybe a VW Golf van, Peugeot van or Skoda Octavia. Don't really know to be honest.

I don't mind a van as my girlfriend has a Ford Focus that I could use whenever needed. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Ronan O Connor

Feb 2011 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi Ronan,

I reckon a Volkswagen Golf Van would do a brilliant job for you. You told us by e-mail that you have another €2,000 to spend on top of the value of your Toyota Avensis so I reckon this one could be a good option. 

The Ford Focus van is good too, but I don't imagine you want to be a two Focus family! If I was having a car-van I'd have a Golf. 

Hope that helps

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