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Can I scrap a car without the engine?

The question is in relation to my brother-in-law's car, which is being scrapped as part of the Government car scrappage scheme. Can he remove the perfectly running engine from this car and donate it to my brother before he sends it to be scrapped? My brother's engine gave up the ghost last week so it would save my brother the expense of having to buy a new engine. They both have the same make and model of car so it would be brilliant. I've been ringing the Revenue office but have not managed to make contact with anybody who seems to know anything and could find nothing on their website.

Filed under scrappage - Asked by Zoe Stiles (Limerick) - Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:36


Hi Zoe,

We spoke to Shane Teskey from Motorcheck.ie as he is a bit of an expert in this area and he told us that the rules state that the car "needs to be complete", but the thing is that the car doesn't need to get there under its own steam. I would say that if you spoke to your local authorised scrap yard then they might be of assistance on the matter. I would imagine that if you swapped the engines there would be no issue. They just won't allow parts of cars to be used to claim the discount on the scheme.

We will check out this a little more for you.  

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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