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How to bring a car back from Scotland?


I purchased a car in North Ireland and I brought it over to Scotland for college for six months. I have since moved back to the ROI. I have queued in the tax office and was told to send forms to the VRT centre (the only one is in County Cork).

Can you advise the best way to go about this?

Thank you in advance!

Niamh ODonoghue (Virginia)

Jul 2024 Filed under: importing

Expert answer

Hi Niamh,

I assume you mean what's the best way to go about bringing the car into Ireland and registering it here? 

From the information you've given, I'd assume you're eligible for the "Transfer of Residence" exemption on VRT etc. Take a look at the official Revenue page explaining that here and give Revenue a call if you're unsure on anything.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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