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Are PHEVs and EVs safe from water?


I was mulling over buying a PHEV. In these cars the battery is underneath the car. These batteries don't appear to be sealed as they have air vents. I'm worried about possible water damage (rust, wiring, etc) to the battery from going through deep puddles, minor floods, etc. This must be an issue for EVs as well. The thought is inclined to put me off so I would welcome your thoughts.



Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Apr 2024 Filed under: hybrid

Expert answer

Hi Philip,

A battery in a PHEV (and an EV for that matter) and its various components are no less waterproof or more susceptible to damage in such conditions than an engine and its various components. EVs and PHEVs go through the same stringent quality control checks and have to withstand the same lifecycle as their petrol-powered counterparts. 

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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