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Renault Megane E-Tech or Tesla Model 3?


I'm planning to change to a new EV. I've narrowed my choice down to two cars - the Megane E-Tech and the new Tesla Model 3. Which in your opinion is the better car, and why?

Many thanks


Ainsley Heffernan (Bray)

Jan 2024 Filed under: choosing new car

Expert answer

Hi Ainsley,

In our opinion, the better EV out of the pair is the Tesla Model 3 - but there are caveats to that, and one very big one to consider. Subjective, of course, but the Megane E-Tech is nicer to look at outside and in, and the quality of its interior fittings are also better. It also drives very sweetly, so it's a strong contender.

However, the Model 3 has greater one-shot driving range (both official and real-world), is the more refined car at speed and, once you've tried it you'll realise just how much of a USP the proprietary Supercharger system is for Tesla; there is no finer public recharging experience than this.

The big caveat with the Model 3, though, is the placement of the indicators and the windscreen wiper controls on the steering wheel in the facelifted  version - it's a cackhanded piece of ergonomics if you come to it direct from a car with conventional column stalks.

On top of that, there's a vastly different customer service model at work, as Renault has a nationwide network of dealers you can just pop into, and Tesla does not.

We'd suggest you take all that into consideration while you go test-drive both cars for yourself.

Please do let us know which one you go for.

Matt Robinson - Complete Car Advisor

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