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Should I go electric or hybrid with a new BMW SUV?

I own a 2017 Audi Q7 S line. I like the car a lot and the specs are high but I feel like I need to move up a few years within the next 10/12 months. I drive approx. 25,000km per year, 75 per cent of that is made up of short journeys of about 10 miles per journey and the remainder is longer motorway driving. I do not want to buy diesel again and think a BMW X5 xDrive45e may suit my needs, or maybe a BMW iX. I am considering a new car purchase.

In your opinion, which option would suit my needs better?

Thank you

David Scully (Cork)

May 2022 Filed under: choosing new car

Expert answer

Hi David,

We're big fans of both the BMW xDrive45e and the new iX (though not everyone loves the looks of the latter!).

First up, whether you go for a plug-in hybrid such as that X5, or an electric car, you really do need to have the option to add a home charger. It makes life way easier and keeps your fuel costs down.

Assuming you will install a charger, then either of those cars could work well for you. The X5 could easily cover those short journeys on electric power and you'd never have to worry about delays with the public charging network on your longer journeys. The iX, especially the xDrive50 version (read our review of that here), has a really good range, but very long motorway journeys will still require a little more planning.

However, the iX's cabin and technology are next-generation, making the X5's look out of date already...

I'd suggest going to test drive both cars if at all possible. Failing that, at least try to sit into both so you get a feel for the differences.

Also final word of advice, with all the supply chain issues facing the car world right now, I'd urge you to get your order in as soon as possible, even if you don't plan to take delivery for up to a year.

Best of luck with us - feel free to come back and ask us more.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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