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No torch in my Skoda Kamiq!

My new Skoda Kamiq has no removable torch in the boot, yet all the reviews I've read, including yours, say that it comes as standard.

Admittedly most of them say it's only in the "Ambition" up, but I have the "Style". I called to the dealer today and showed him one of the reviews including a photo. He told me I was looking at UK reviews and that the Irish cars don't have a torch. Can you throw any light on this? I'd really like a torch.

Patricia Costello (Clonakilty, Co. Cork)

Aug 2021 Filed under: optional extras

Expert answer

Hi Patricia, 

Yes, we can 'throw some light' on the situation for you. Skoda Ireland came back to us with this statement: 

"The removable torch was removed from vehicles produced from July 2020 for all markets. There may have been stock around for a few months thereafter. It cannot be ordered as an option either."

That probably explains it.

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor

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