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What to replace my Mondeo with?

Please point me in right direction. I have a 2018 Ford Mondeo and would like to change in January 2022, so I need some advice. I like diesel. What three cars should I be test driving? Around the size of the Mondeo with five doors. Help!

Fergal Reidy (Celbridge County Kildare)

Jun 2021 Filed under: choosing new car

Expert answer

Hi Fergal,

OK, at the very top of your list should be the Skoda Superb. It’s massive inside, hugely comfortable, has a huge boot, is well made and has an excellent 2.0-litre TDI 150hp diesel engine. It’s well worth checking out the 150hp TSI petrol too though — it's smoother, quieter and nearly as economical unless you're driving at motorway speed all day.

Next go and check out the Mazda6. Now, there’s no five-door fastback version, but there is a hugely handsome Touring estate model, and it’s very good to drive. Tremendous interior quality too. Only problem? Mazda has dropped diesel engines from its line-up, but the 2.0-litre petrol is an excellent unit, and surprisingly economical.

Finally, you could go for one, last Mondeo. It’s coming to the end of its production life right now, but it’s still a firm favourite of ours, and with it being on run-out, you’ll get some proper bargains if you want to buy one of the last ones. 

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