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How to work out costs of importing a camper...


I am thinking of importing a motorhome from the UK, but I am finding it quite difficult to ascertain the final landed price. Can you help?


Tony O'Connor

Anthony O'Connor (NAVAN)

Feb 2021 Filed under: importing

Expert answer

Hi Antony,

A motorhome is going to be charged at the commercial VRT rate, of 13.3 per cent of the vehicle's Irish market value. Now, as you say, that value can be difficult to work out ahead of time, and the best that you can do really is to scan the classified ads and start seeing what other similar vehicles are on sale and what kind of money they’re going for. That will at least give you a ballpark in which to start. The good news is that once you do have it imported, motor tax is charged at just €102 a year for camper vans and motorhomes. 

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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