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Can I have full VRT break down for the ID.3?

I'm trying to get my mother onto the disabled passenger scheme that means they'll give you a refund of VAT and VRT every second year.

Take the Volkswagen ID.3: your site quotes prices net of delivery, VRT and SEAI grant. Can you tell what an ID.3 would cost net of VRT as well? There's a limit on that scheme of €16k every two years on disabled passengers compared to €10k for driver scheme so taking max benefit of grant can I get breakdown of car with no grant list price maybe including other charges minus VAT minus VRT minus SEAI grant. Or is the SEAI grant part of VRT, ie one or the other?


Tom Richardson (Tipperary)

Feb 2021 Filed under: electric cars

Expert answer

Hi Tom,

OK, so rather than run our bad-home-school-maths brains over this, we just went straight to the source, Volkswagen Ireland, and asked for a break down of the figures for us.

So, here goes:

ID.3 Life at 21% VAT – RRP before grants: €39,715
 Delivery charge: €1,000 (price is isolated and contained outside any VRT / VAT calculation)
 VAT: €6,449
Full VRT at 7%: €2,558
SEAI grant for private buyers (price is isolated and contained outside any VRT / VAT calculation): €5,000
RRP after all above deducted: €25,708 + €1,000 delivery charge = €26,708
Hope that's of help.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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