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Should I buy a Tesla Model 3 now?

I am thinking of buying a Tesla Model 3 instead of a Peugeot e-2008. Good idea? Should I wait for a possible M3 price drop? Do you think it may happen over the coming months? Or should I get one before the 21-23% VAT increase? Tough, perhaps impossible to know when to take the plunge.

Thank you.

Peter Dublin (Dublin)

Feb 2021 Filed under: choosing new car

Expert answer

Hi Peter,

I doubt very much that the Model 3 is going to drop in price very much in the coming months, not least because it’s actually already pretty good value. Definitely a good idea to buy before the VAT goes back up though, as that will be a roughly two per cent saving on the price. Not much, but it helps.

As for should you buy one in general? I think so — it’s a hugely impressive car, and the question marks over build quality seem to be getting smaller all the time. Do be wary of the big screen, though, and make sure you ask if the improvements to it mandated by the recent safety recall have been carried out on the car you’re buying.

The Peugeot is a good small crossover, but there's a gulf between it and the Tesla in terms of performance. Big difference in price and space too.

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