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Can I buy a Citroen Ami here?

Hi there.

I have been reading about the Citroen AMI all electric vehicle and am very interested in purchasing one. Citroen Ireland tells me it has no plans to market the vehicle here. I am wondering how our department would treat this vehicle; as an electric car? Or quadricycle? Would Revenue want a cut for importing a vehicle? VAT and VRT? Purchase price is circa €6,000 in France and you can buy one online. I don't have the finances to buy a "Normal" electric vehicle where the cheapest seems to be in the €25K region. Would the Department of Transport want road tax, log book, registration fees etc?

Any pointers you might offer would be appreciated.

John Ryan. Dublin 12

John Ryan (Dublin 12)

Feb 2021 Filed under: electric cars

Expert answer

Hi John,

Citroen is currently reviewing options on potentially introducing the Ami to Ireland in the future. Initially the car was only to be produced in left-hand drive, but this is now being reconsidered due to high levels of interest in the car from the UK market. If the car was to be officially sold here it would be liable for the applicable VAT and VRT rates and would require motor tax and insurance, in the same way that the Renault Twizy does. These would also apply if you were to privately import one. 

Dave Humphreys - Complete Car Advisor

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