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VRT on motorbikes for 2021 on?

How does VRT work for importing second hand motorbikes from the UK in 2021? Can't find information anywhere.

Thanks, Daniel

Daniel B (Dublin)

Jan 2021 Filed under: importing

Expert answer

Hi Daniel,

The VRT bit of importing a motorbike works the same as before in that you’re charged €2 for each cubic centimetre of engine capacity up to 350cc, and €1 for each cc above that. That charge is then discounted by ten per cent for bikes between three months and one year old, 20 per cent for one-to-two years, 40 per cent for two-to-three years, 50 per cent for three-to-four years, 60 per cent for four-to-five years, 70 per cent for five-to-seven years, 80 per cent for seven-to-ten years, 90 per cent for ten-to-30 years, and is totally waived once the bike is 30 years old or older.

The new charges are, of course, import duty and VAT. VAT will be charged at 21 per cent, regardless of age, and there will be a ten per cent import duty (based on the price you paid and the cost of transport and delivery) unless more than 55 per cent of the original value of the parts used to build the bike originated in the UK.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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