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What costs to import a Hilux from the North?

If I import a used 2017 Hilux from Northern Ireland, what additional costs do I have? I want to insure and tax as private as my business doesn’t have a VAT number. Cost of Hilux without VAT is £20,000 approx.

Damien Byrne

Jan 2021 Filed under: importing

Expert answer

Hi Damien,

OK, as you don’t have a VAT number, you’ll have to pay the VAT on the Hilux at the time of purchase. But the good news is that, as you’re bringing it in from Northern Ireland, there won’t be any extra charges (no import duty and no Irish VAT) on top of the usual VRT payment. VRT will charged at 13.3 per cent of the Irish market value. That value should (emphasis on the should) be around €29,000, so VRT will be in the region of €3,900.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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