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How to change tax status of a Land Rover?


I'm considering buying a secondhand Land Rover within Ireland that has been classed as commercial for tax purposes by the current owner. However, I'd like to use and tax it for private use, which I think can be done by paying the higher rate of tax after purchase. However, I'm a bit stumped as to how to do it! The Revenue forms to change the class of taxation say I should have insurance in order to request a change in the tax class. However I am unable to get insurance for a commercial vehicle in my name. It seems without the insurance I can't change the tax class but I am unable to get insurance based on the current tax class the car is registered in.

Seems a bit of a catch-22, can you help?


Sheila Hopkins (Lifford)

Dec 2020 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi Sheila,

Well, in theory the only thing you need to do to change the tax status of a car is to call your local motor tax office and tell them that’s what you want to do. As far as insurance is concerned, I think it would be a good idea to have a chat will a well-connected broker, who might be better placed to help you out. You might be able to find a policy that will allow you to insure the Land Rover as a private car even before it has been officially switched over, or possibly one that starts as a commercial policy but changes over once you’ve got the conversion. 

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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