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Which emissions rating for tax on this Merc?

If I buy in December a 2016 Mercedes E-Class with 94g/km CO2 emissions and 55mg/km NOx does it mean Revenue will uplift my CO2 to 120g/km but NOx stays as it is? And does it mean that my tax per year will be based on 94- or 120g/km?



Adam Kornaszewski (Carrick-On-Shannon )

Nov 2020 Filed under: taxation

Expert answer

Hi Adam,

If you register that car before the end of 2020 then there is no uplift and your annual tax will be based on the 94g/km rating.

If you cannot register it until after 1 January 2021, then the CO2 rating will be uplifted, and that new CO2 rating will be used to determine the VRT paid on registration and the annual tax bill from then on. 

There is no uplifting of the NOx levy, incidentally, but the amount charged will change a little come 2021.

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