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I want to buy a van for personal use...

I want to buy a 2.0-litre van (commercial), but I'm not able to pay €333. And I don't want this. Two questions:

1 - Will I pay €710 (private car standard) no matter which year the vanwas made?

2 - Can I change, if I buy, to NCT test centre from CVRT, even if the car is a van? Are there some procedures/forms for this or what?

Thank you!

Gelu Rusu (Malin Head)

Aug 2020 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi Gelu,

Yes and no. Yes, you can tax it as a private vehicle and the year doesn’t really matter. No, you can’t get it tested under NCT regs — as far as the NCT are and always will be concerned, it’s a van, so it needs an annual CVRT test.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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