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What to replace by Octavia RS TDI with?

Hi, I'm doing approx. 30,000km per year. I have a 2016 Octavia RS 2.0-litre TDI 184hp at the moment and am going to change over the next few months - pandemic allowing etc! What would you recommend? Are hybrids worth looking at for example?

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Mark McNally (Galway) - Mon, 18 May 2020 19:12

Neil Briscoe Answered by: Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor - @neilmbriscoe


Hi Mark,

If you’re prepared to wait a bit, there is an all-new Octavia RS coming, which will be available as a plug-in hybrid with 245hp. Now, it will depend on how you rack up those 30,000km as to whether a plug-in hybrid would suit you — if it’s all motorway miles then probably not, but if you do a lot of short-hauls around town, and can charge at home, then it could be ideal.

There’s also the diesel version of the new Ford Focus ST to consider, the new Golf GTI and SEAT Leon Cupra (all sharing their bits and pieces with the Octavia, of course), or what about a Hyundai i30 N — one of our favourite hot hatches? A few reviews to help you decide:

Skoda Octavia reviews

Volkswagen Golf reviews

SEAT Leon reviews

Hyundai i30 reviews

2 responses

Hi Mark,

I'd suggest you stick with diesel for now, as you'll not get the same mix of performance and economy over such long journeys with the hybrid options.

You've not mentioned your budget, so perhaps consider a BMW 320d M Sport as an alternative way to get sportiness and efficiency in one package? Failing that, a newer Octavia RS TDI might be the best option - we'd prefer it to the equivalent Volkswagen Golf GTD, Focus ST or SEAT Leon FR.

Posted by Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Adviser (Dublin) - Wed, 20 May 2020 21:13:41

Great, thanks! Most of the driving is motorway - with that in mind what would you recommend?

Posted by Mark McNally (Galway) - Wed, 20 May 2020 17:42:05