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What can I expense of my hired van?


I am a VAT-registered sole trader courier and am thinking of hiring a van as opposed to buying one. The rental payments through Northgate will be €715.00 per month plus VAT over three years at which time I give the van back, walk away or take another van. In addition to claiming back the VAT on the monthly hire cost, can I set the remaining hire cost against my profits as a deductible expense before working out my personal tax (income tax, USC, PRSI, etc) liabilities? I assume I cannot charge depreciation to the business or avail of any capital allowances as I do not own the van?


Feb 2020 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi John,

In general, we would suggest that you’re spot on with that — you’ll be able to charge the monthly outlay as a routine business expense, but won’t be able to claim for depreciation or maintenance. Having said that, please remember that we’re not tax accountants and so we’d definitely advise checking with your own accountant before making any hard and fast decisions.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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