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How to change LCV Kuga back to private use?

What is involved in changing a crew cab Kuga back to a privately taxed vehicle? What do you need to do to enable a private insurance policy to apply?


Ken Finn (Laois)

Jan 2020 Filed under: commercial vehicle

Expert answer

Hi Ken,

In terms of insurance, you simply need to contact your insurer and tell them that you’re going to tax the vehicle for private, social and pleasure use. There may be an increase in your premium because of this, but it shouldn’t be massive. As for the tax, all you have to do is contact your local motor tax office and inform them that you want to tax the vehicle for private use. That will put you onto the old by-engine-capacity tax system, so for a 2.0-litre TDCi Kuga, that’ll be €710 a year.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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