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Should I change this B-Max's timing belt?

I'm buying a 2013 Ford B-Max 1.4 petrol. It has been lying up for six months with a drive a couple of times a week. The mileage is 57,647km; should I look at changing the timing belt since it wasn't driving much and is six years old?

Filed under servicing - Asked by David Geoghegan (Mullingar) - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 15:18

Shane O' Donoghue Answered by: Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Advisor - @Shane_O_D


Hi David,

The recommended interval is 160,000 kilometres or eight years, whichever comes first, so technically it's not due yet. However, in your position, I'd definitely go ahead and change it, just in case.

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