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Economical auto and reliable for €6,000?

Hi there,

Could you recommend something for us around €6k that's economical, cheap to tax and reliable? We don't have a clue what to buy; it just needs reasonable room for two plus a child. Just to make things more challenging it needs to be automatic. Any directions you could point us in would be much appreciated!

John Smith

Aug 2019 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi John,

OK, that’s a slightly tough set of criteria, but I think we’ve found some winners. How about a Honda Insight Hybrid? Ultra-low CO2 means ultra-low tax, it’s auto, Hondas run for ever, it’ll do 50mpg easy and there’s just about enough space for a family of three. Your budget gets you a 2010 model.

If you need something smaller, there are automatic Nissan Micras around for that sort of money, but you might find them a bit small for the wee one. Fancy something posh? You could try a 2010 Mercedes C 180 Estate, which we found, but the tax on that will be a bit higher. Something newer? A Skoda Fabia Combi estate from 2012? Reliable and tonnes of space in the boot. Cracking car.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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