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With €11k budget, I'd like a modern small car.

Hi, planning to buy a small hatchback petrol/hybrid car (1.0-1.4-litre) where annual mileage will be approx. 8,000km-10,000km including motorway. Budget is €8,000-€11,000 but looking for a used car with near today level technology, dependable engine and impressive economy. Could you please give me top five models that may fit the bill? I don't mind the make and model but road tax shall not be more than €270.

Thanks in advance


Rory Rory (Dublin)

Jul 2019 Filed under: choosing used car

Expert answer

Hi Rory,

OK, the car that most obviously fits your criteria is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. However, the cheapest one we’ve seen for sale is a 2015 model for €12,995 so that’s a bit over budget and already four years old. A Toyota Auris Hybrid would also seem to fit the bill, but again you’re looking at a much older car to fit your budget — probably a 2012 or 2013 car, so that’s not going to have the modern electronic systems you’re looking for.

I think the best bet might be to go small — like really small. Like Volkswagen Up or Skoda Citigo or SEAT Mii small. You’ll easily find one of those in budget, with a small petrol engine (1.0) and, if you shop around a bit, with the high-tech options you’re looking for.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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