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VRT and tax implications for imported Kombi?


I am a teacher as well as part-time farmer. I am looking at changing my car and buying a Volkswagen Transporter Kombi to access outfarm, feedstuff etc. I am looking at sourcing in the UK, but not sure of VRT and then taxing the van. It would be used for farm as we have another family car. The van would be 2016 approx €25,000 euro. Can you advise to VRT rates and tax implications?

Filed under VRT - Asked by James McLoughlin (Sligo) - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:54


Hi James,

It depends on exactly what Kombi version it is. You see, under the recently changed rules for N1 commercial vehicle VRT and tax, if the van has fewer than ten seats, and the seats and cargo area are all in the one section, then it technically counts as a passenger car and you’ll be paying VRT at either 28 per cent or 31 per cent of the OMSP, and then passenger car motor tax too in Bands D or E.

If it has three or fewer seats, or if the cargo area is physically separated from the seating area, then it counts as a crew-van and you’ll pay 13.3 per cent of the OMSP, but to tax it as a private vehicle you’ll have to put it on the old engine capacity rating (why this is still in use we’re not sure, but it is) and that’ll be €710 a year assuming it has the 2.0-litre TDI engine. 

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