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Which Merc A-Class has the better chassis?


I have read conflicting information from several sources re the type of rear suspension available on the new Mercedes A-Class hatchback. I understand that some get torsion beam while others get multi link, but unable to get a definitive list on those that get the multi link type.

Some say that the A 250 only gets it, another that both the A 200 AMG Line and A 250 get the it. While finally, another source said that if the car is fitted with 19-inch alloys even in lesser powerful engine variants it will get the better rear suspension setup. Any ideas which info is the right one? I am looking to see if it's possible to get the multi link rear suspension on the upcoming A 180 petrol AMG Line or whether it will need 19-inch alloys to make the switch.

John M, Carlow

Filed under choosing new car - Asked by John Moran (Carlow) - Thu, 08 Nov 2018 01:17


Hi John,

It’s not to do with wheel sizes, but engines and trim grades. The A 250 always comes with multilink rear suspension, while the A 180 d always gets a torsion beam. It’s the A 200 in the middle that has the variance – the Sport models have a torsion beam, the AMG Line cars gain the multilink set-up. We don’t know exactly what the A 180 petrol will do as yet, but we’d guess it will follow the A 200’s pattern, rather than the A 180 d’s formula.

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