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VRT on an imported LR Defender?


A friend is looking at importing a UK passenger Defender 2007/08; is there any way to get VRT cost before arrival?



Filed under VRT - Asked by Dermot Wilson (Blessington) - Wed, 24 Oct 2018 18:53


Hi Dermot,

It’s a tricky one to estimate, as the Defender doesn’t appear on Revenue’s ready-reckoner, and there aren’t many on the ground here in Ireland to get a solid idea of the current values. I’d take a guess that a 2007 or 2008 Defender will be worth at least €20,000 in the Irish market (values have been steadily rising since the Defender went out of production) and 36 per cent of that (the Defender’s CO2 emissions are above the 225g/km limit) will be at least €7,200. That’s just a guesstimate though, and the final figure will depend hugely on the condition, history and spec of the specific vehicle.

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