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Should I go for a hybrid next?


I am considering purchasing a second hand family size hybrid such as the Lexus IS 300h, as I am trying to save on running costs. I currently drive a 131 Vauxhall Insignia SRi 2.0 diesel, which is lovely to drive and decently economical. I am changing job, and will be communiting about 100km a day, mainly on motorway (although the M50 is like a car park at rush hour so I don't expect to be getting over 60km/h). This will be our only family car so need decent boot space for the baby and buggy etc. I have about €20-25k to spend, looking for a 151 model. I have read mixed advice about whether to go hybrid, or to stick with diesel for the size of car and amount of mileage I will be doing. Your advice and thoughts are much appreciated.

Many thanks, Emma

Emma Tong (Skerries)

Jul 2018 Filed under: hybrid

Expert answer

Hi Emma,

I think a hybrid could well suit you, and with your M50-heavy driving (especially in stop-start traffic) it could prove ideal. The IS 300h is indeed a lovely car — beautifully built and good to drive, but you might find that the cabin and boot are on the small side for your family needs. It could be worth looking at the larger GS 300h (same engine, similar real-world economy) or maybe the NX 300h crossover. If you fancy something a bit cheaper, the Prius is always a good choice, as is Kia’s really rather good Niro hybrid.

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