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Thoughts on my Touran's value?

Hi there, just want to get another opinion on trade in value.

I bought a 162 Volkswagen Touran in a Highline spec with the 2.0-litre engine not 1.6 and the car cost me just slightly over the €40k mark. We have been pricing around to trade up for a 182 Tiguan Allspace and I've tried five to six Volkswagen dealers with the highest  of €22k as a trade-in value for my own car, so that’s a loss of €18k in two years and there was me thinking buying a VW was a sound bet!

I also contacted Volkswagen Ireland and the response I got was "your local dealer is best equipped to give you the best trade in." Is it any wonder people are deciding to go to the UK to buy when there is a serious rip off culture in this country? I look forward to your thoughts on this.



David Hayes (Dunmanway )

May 2018 Filed under: used car values

Expert answer

Hi David,

Well, the issue is actually that all those people going and buying in the UK are pushing down the values of second hand cars here. Cheaper imports, which have been flooding into Ireland since the decimation of Sterling following the Brexit vote, have been putting major pressure on second hand car prices in Ireland, and I’d say your VW’s value is something of a victim of this. It also, to be honest, doesn’t help that it’s the 2.0-litre version, as most second hand buyers are more likely to want the cheaper-to-run 1.6 TDI instead. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the market is, to put it lightly, in turmoil right now.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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