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Diesel still best for high mileage?

So with so many car makers planning to phase out diesel engine options in 2019, what are the real options for high mileage drivers? Will there be big impacts on residual values for diesel cars purchased later this year? I drive about 40,000km a year and need to change later this year.


Brian O Neill (Kilkenny)

Mar 2018 Filed under: diesel

Expert answer

Hi Brian,

The diesel question is a particularly thorny one, mostly because we don’t have any firm guidance from the Government on what is going to happen with the taxation system. If anti-diesel taxes are brought in, then that will definitely have a serious effect on diesel used prices. For now though, all we can reliably say is that diesel is still popular outside the major urban centres and, for the most part, it’s still the best choice for the long-distance driver. I say most part, because hybrids are improving all the time and such cars as the Kia Niro and Toyota Prius are well able to manage better than 60mpg even on long motorway hauls, while a Lexus GS 300h, for example, is every bit as frugal in daily driving as a rival diesel product.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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