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How to keep WiFi on my new Opel Astra?


I am a proud owner of a new Opel Astra SRi with onStar features. I got 12 months of free subscription and three months of free WiFi. My question is, after three months WiFi subscription, who will provide me with WiFi access and what is the monthly/yearly cost of it?

Natalia Pakowska (Wexford )

Feb 2018 Filed under: infotainment

Expert answer

Hi Natalia,

It’s actually Vodafone that supplies the data link through the OnStar built-in SIM card in the car, and it costs €125 per year, which gets you 100GB of data over WiFi. There is the option of 5GB per month for €15, or 10GB for €19.99, but obviously these will work out more expensive over a year than the 100GB plan.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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