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Which new seven-seat SUV for 2018?


I currently drive a Land Rover Discovery Sport, five-seater diesel and I am thinking about changing in 2018. We would ideally like to stay in the SUV market, but our new car will need to have seven seats. The Discovery Sport does come as a seven-seater, but  wondering what other options are out there for a total budget of €50k approx either in or out of the SUV bracket?


Filed under choosing new car - Asked by Enda Daly (Galway) - Thu, 06 Jul 2017 14:57


Hi Enda,

There's a growing number of options for seven-seat SUVs. The new Skoda Kodiaq is excellent and €50k would buy you one with a lot of toys. The Kia Sorento is also in that price bracket and is big, roomy and hugely comfortable. Ditto the Hyundai Santa Fe. Peugeot's incoming new 5008 is worth a look too. Here are our reviews of them all to help you out:

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