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What value for my damaged Corsa?

Was thinking of trading in my current car, a 2005 Opel Corsa NJoy. It has 60,000km on the clock and only two owners. It was serviced annually, it's in good condition, apart from the left passenger side was repaired, as previously was in an accident. What value do you think I might get for it as a trade in?

Declan Farrell

Declan Farrell (Ballsbridge / Dublin 4)

May 2017 Filed under: used car values

Expert answer

Hi Declan,

With accident damage, it's always hard to tell as it will depend on how bad the original damage was, how well it was repaired and if you have the original bills and receipts for the work. In really good condition,  that car might be worth €1,200, but with damage it may only make €500 or so. 

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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