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Does climate alter my Ford's value?

I have a 2009 Ford Fusion  and the build data describes it as a 1.4 petrol manual Zetec with air conditioning. When I bought it the dealership described it as a Zetec Climate. What are the essential build differences between the two versions? And the valuation differences?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Peter WALTERS (Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes) - Thu, 11 May 2017 11:21


Hi Peter,

If it says Cclimate on the tin, it should have climate control on the inside. The difference between that and normal air conditioning is that air conditioning simply allows you to choose between hot and cold, whereas climate control allows you to select a specific temperature. If your car only has a red-blue heat controller then you've been sold a pup.

That said, it depends on where you're getting your build data from. Some lists won't code specifically for climate control and will just use air conditioning as a catch-all.

It won't make any difference to value anyway. A 2009 Fusion is going to be worth around €4-5,000. 

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