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I connected my battery the wrong way...

I have a 1986 Nissan Serena 2.3 diesel. I accidently connected my battery the wrong way around and tried to start it. When I discovered my mistake and connected it properly, it keeps turning but it won't start. Also, wipers, indicators, heater won't work. What damage have I done?

Filed under electrics - Asked by Patrick Mcnally (Mayo) - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 14:44


Hi Patrick,

It's not easy to assess the damage from afar I'm afraid, so I'd suggest getting a good autoelectrician or mechanic out to have a look. It's possible that the ECU (engine control unit) has been damaged, but I'd also hope that has protection against such things built into it. Most likely there are fuses blown somewhere along the line. As I said, get someone to look at it for you and hope nothing expensive has been damaged.

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