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What do you think of Mazda diesel engines?


I am thinking of buying a 2008/2009 Mazda6 2.0-litre diesel or 2.2-litre diesel. But I've read about  a few issues with diesel engines with regard to DPF failure and timing chains on the 2.2-litre. Is it ture? Is it rare or very common?


Amrinder Singh (Athlone)

Feb 2016 Filed under: diesel

Expert answer

Hi Amrinder,

There was a recall for 2.2-litre Mazda6 diesels to replace a stretching timing chain, so check to see if that work has been carried out and don't buy a car that hasn't had the work done. Any car with a full (and preferably Mazda main dealer) service history should be fine though.

However, the DPF issue is down to your driving - if you're not putting in the miles, the DPF can't get hot enough to clean itself out and that's when you get problems, so don't go for one of these cars (or any diesel, really) if you're only doing low mileage and short hops.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Advisor

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