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What do you think of dealer delivery charges?


What are your views on the lack of transparency of dealers' delivery and related charges that get added to the brochure price of cars? Surely it is in the consumer's best interest to know the actual price of a car up front?

Regards Paul

Blessington Co. Wicklow

Paul Vickers (Blessington)

Jun 2015 Filed under: miscellaneous

Expert answer

Hi Paul,

Yes, you're right. It should be like that and there should be no more of this 'ex-works' cod-ology and everything should be given a simple on-the-road price. 

As ever, it's never that simple though. Dealers like to have 'Delivery and Related Charges' because it gives  them some wiggle room to offer discounts and money off. Also, the Competition Authority generally takes a dim view of car makers imposing specific charges on dealers for delivery etc, as it's seen as being anti-competitive.

Good old Ireland, eh?

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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