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Should this high-mileage Hyundai i30 be ok?

Hi, I am looking to buy a 2011 Hyundai i30. However it has high mileage at 76,600 miles - should timing belt be replaced at this stage and what else should I be wary of with such high mileage?


Christina Monaghan (Co. Meath)

Feb 2015 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Christina,

We don't think that it's staggeringly high mileage and as long as all the service intervals have been hit spot on, you shouldn't have any major troubles. Besides, there's another year of full manufacturer's warranty yet to run, so you're covered for a little while at least (again, assuming that all scheduled servicing has been carried out correctly - the warranty can be invalidated if the previous owner has skimped). The 1.6 diesel i30 actually uses a timing chain, not a belt, so it should just need an inspection and an adjustment at regular servicing time, not a full replacement.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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