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My Skoda Octavia is using too much fuel.


I have a Skoda Octavia diesel and it is heavy on juice; can you tell me what the problem is?

Thank you

Harry Brooker (Dublin)

Jan 2015 Filed under: fuel economy and emissions

Expert answer

Hi Harry,

It's very difficult to assess such a thing remotely, but here are a few things to check:

1 - Are you carrying extra weight in the boot?

2 - Check your tyre pressures, condition and alignment - makes a big difference.

3 - Check the cleansiness of your air filter. Very important.

4 - Have it serviced if it has not been in a long time.

5 - Check that none of the brakes are binding - jack up each corner in turn and with the car out of gear and the handbrake off you should be able to freely turn each wheel. If not, the brakes may be binding and need to be looked at.

6 - Only when you've exhausted the simple stuff should you look into getting the car hooked up to a diagnostic machine. Some versions of the TDI engine had problems with injectors and turbos that could lead to higher fuel consumption, but the fix is expensive.

Let us know how you get on

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Adviser

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