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Opel Zafira or Ford Galaxy?

Which is more reliable an Opel Zafira or a Ford Galaxy?

Eamon Hefferon (Wicklow)

Jan 2015 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Eamon,

They're two very different cars, the Zafira and the Galaxy. The Opel is much the smaller car so if you're planning to carry full-size adults in the third row, you really need to get the Galaxy. 

In terms of reliability they both have their common issues. The Galaxy's engine can cut out unexpectedly (a software patch is the fix) and its interior trim can be fragile. A clunking noise from the steering could mean that the power steering pump is on the way out. Electrical problems are common and the alarm can give trouble.

On the Opel check that the tailgate release is working as it should and the air conditioning system can be troublesome. The stereo can also forget its preset stations or just stop working altogether. 

More seriously, the diesel engine can give serious trouble. Timing belt, water pump and the turbo are all problem areas. Make sure you get one with a full service history and an aftermarket warranty might not be a bad idea.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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