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What should I look out for in the Honda Accord?

2004 - 2006 2.2 CDTi diesel Honda Accord: I'm thinking about buying one of these Accords; is there anything I should look out for in particular? Anything that was a common fault on these?


Dave O Sullivan (Enniscorthy)

Aug 2014 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Dave,

Oil is the key here. Honda's first-ever diesel engine, the 2.2 i-CDTI unit fitted to the Accord, has always been a cracker - smooth, silent and powerful, but it needs a regular dose of high-grade oil and the problem here is that there's no warning light on the dashboard to tell you that the oil level is dropping. There is a conventional oil pressure light, but if that starts flashing it may already be too late. So, check that the engine is running smoothly and not spewing out clouds of dirty smoke and then check the oil level to make sure it's not down at the bottom of the dipstick. Then get used to checking it yourself, regularly.

Hondas of course have a tremendous reputation for reliability and being beautifully built and the Accord is no exception. There is one minor wrinkle though and it involves the engine's dual-mass flywheel. We've heard plenty of horror stories about the flywheel giving trouble. Excess noise, a slipping clutch or even the car popping out of gear can all be signs that the flywheel is giving gyp. Now, we have heard from various sources that this is an issue for the Accord and the 2.2 diesel engine, but in fairness, when we raised it with Honda Ireland, they told us that it has seen no pattern of issues, and its warranty claims don't show up any persistent problems.

Probably still worth taking your time to check though.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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