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Should I buy from an online UK dealer?

Hi Paddy. Thanks for that reply.

I have been looking at a car at an online dealers, based in the UK. There is a diesel 1.9-litre Golf, which sounds okay value there.

They want €495 deposit. In 10 days the car is available for inspection, I gather if I'm not happy I lose my deposit.

He says I couldn't be unhappy, as the car is immaculate! It is bought straight from VW, one owner, 10,000 miles, 2008 diesel with one year warranty left. There is a 2008 model with lower spec available from a local garage with 34,000 on the clock and €2,000 cheaper.

Which would you recommend? 


Filed under importing - Asked by Angela Osullivan (Wicklow) - Tue, 18 May 2010 12:45


Hi Angela,

We spoke to Shane Teskey from Motorcheck.ie and he gave us the following advice:

"Buying a used car through a third party is a risky business and not something we would recommend. Knowing who you're buying a car from is as important as checking the car's history. If you buy through this third party will you have a full 12-month warranty (check the fine print - some warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on!)?

Have you been given the registration number and V5 documented details? What's the potential saving and would it justify taking a trip to the dealer to inspect the car in person?

Add to this the fact that you risk losing a substantial deposit of €495 and I'd say walk away. Shop local!"

I would echo this, there are so many good used Irish cars around at the moment that I would check all these first, before embarking on anything that sounds like it might be risky. 

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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