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What's the Hyundai Getz like?

Any info on the Hyundai Getz regarding their relaibility?

Chris Mackey (Bray)

Feb 2014 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Chris,

The Getz came from the last round of Hyundais that arrived before Hyundai got really good at making cars - in other words, it's cheap and cheerful where more modern Hyundais are slick and sophisticated. That said, as far as reliable, uncomplicated family transport goes, there's little enough wrong with the Getz. As far as we can tell, there are simply no major reliability problems to report, aside from a recurring problem with noisy rear brakes. All Getz models will have been originally covered by Hyundai's five-year warranty (introduced in 2002), so they will probably have been well cared for over their first couple of owners. Not an exciting car, then, but a solid secondhand buy.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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