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How can Toyota claim to make the 'best cars in the world'?

Hello - can you tell me how Toyota can claim to make the 'best built cars in the world'? It is not making this claim in the UK, only in Ireland. Even Carlsberg isclever enough to say it is 'probably' the best. There have been a number of Toyotas in our household and they were as troublesome and any other comparable model.

Many thanks

Jack Bergin

Jack Bergin (Wicklow)

Feb 2014 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Jack,

Well, I guess there's a couple of things here. In the first place, "The Best Built Cars In The World" is an advertising tagline, and such things aren't exactly given under oath... In a more serious sense though, just take a look at the recent JD Power customer satisfaction rankings (in the UK market, but quite applicable to the Irish scene). Out of more than 130 individual models analysed, there were three Toyota or Lexus models in the top ten, and even the lowest-scoring Toyota model, the Aygo, scores better than the industry average.

Are Toyotas really the actual best built cars in the world? No, simply because it's more or less impossible to scientifically assess that claim. But are they impressively reliable, robust and well made? Yes, they most definitely are.

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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