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How economical is the latest Toyota Corolla?

What mpg is the new Toyota Corolla doing?

William Fallon (Mayo)

Jan 2014 Filed under: fuel economy and emissions

Expert answer

Hi William,

There are three engines available in the latest Corolla, and though we assume you mean the 1.4-litre diesel, here are all the official figures for completion:

1.33-litre petrol model: 50.4mpg (5.6 litres/100km)

1.4-litre diesel model in Terra grade: 74.3mpg (3.8 litres/100km)

1.4-litre diesel model in Aura or Luna grade: 72.4mpg (3.9 litres/100km)

1.6-litre petrol with automatic gearbox: 50.4mpg (5.6 litres/100km)

Note that these figures are all official 'combined cycle' results and don't usually reflect what drivers achieve themselves. 

Shane O' Donoghue - Complete Car Adviser

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