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How reliable is the Suzuki Jimny?

How reliable is the Suzuki Jimny?

Liam Roche (Waterford)

May 2013 Filed under: reliability

Expert answer

Hi Liam.

Suzuki knows how to build a solidly reliable car (indeed the old Baleno saloon holds a decent claim to being the world's only truly indestructible car) and the Jimny is no different. It's also been in production since 1998, so all the bugs should have been worked out by now. The only weak point seems to be minor electrical grumbles, and apparently the passenger electric window motor and switch are both on the fragile side. Other than that, just watch out for Jimnys that have had a hard life off-roading or as farm hack-abouts. 

Neil Briscoe - Complete Car Adviser

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