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I want to change my Rav4 for a seven-seater, just not a boring one!

Hi, congrats on new website, hope it works well. I'm looking to change an '05 Toyota Rav 4 for a 7 seater, but don't want a boring looking rectangle type car! Any ideas for a decent 7 seater that looks good as well, maybe '07/'08, max spend €15k. Thanks.

Filed under choosing used car - Asked by Emer Kennedy (Dublin) - Sat, 15 May 2010 10:19


Hi Emer

As you know Toyota don't offer the Rav4 with seven seats in Ireland (but they do in the USA) so that is off the list.

We have spoken since and I now know you have a 2005 Toyota Rav4, petrol with 40,000 km on the clock, which is very low mileage. I would hope you would get about €6,500 - €7,000 for your Rav (perhaps even a bit more) as a trade-in against a new model and with the €15,000 on top of that to play with you have quite a few options.

The most obvious option for me, is the Nissan Qashqai+2. The Qashqai has been immensely popular and the +2 model adds extra seats to make it a seven seater. That only came on the market in 2009, so it might just not make your budget, but then again this depends on what you are offered for your Rav4. The cheapest of these is likely to cost around €25,000, so this might not be an option.

Never fear though, there are other good options. The Chevrolet Captiva was a lesser-known SUV that sold in small numbers but really was quite good and crucially, for you, came with seven seats. You should expect to pay about €17,000 for a 2007 one and you might even sneak into a 2008 for about €23,000.


Another good option would be the Mitsubishi Outlander. You could have a 7-seater one of those, with a 2.0-litre 140hp diesel engine and a 2007 one would cost you about €19,000, and a 2008 one would cost about €23,000.

This could be quite a nice solution actually


The other thing you could do, is totally lord it up and get a Land Rover Discovery which has one of the most generous rear row of seats around. This 2006 model is under €20,000. Yes it will cost you an arm and a leg to run and service, but at least we are giving you your options.


I do hate to use the 'S' word, but if you did think of something more sensible, then you couldn't really pass the Ford S-Max. Of the MPVs of that type, this is the best of them and it looks good too. Here is a 2007 diesel with low mileage for €19,300, leaving you plenty of change.


Anyway, I hope some of this helps, but feel free to come back to us with your thoughts.

Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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As you point out, I totally forgot about the Hyundai Santa Fe! Mea culpa. You would pay around €22,000 - €24,000 for a decent 2007 model. It has been a while since I drove one, but they are infinitely better than the old one and the rear seats should be a decent size for kids. 

There are loads of them out there - loads, so shop around and bargain hard!! Having come from the RAV4 though, I still think if you found a 2009 Qashqai+2 under budget then that would be the way to go, because it will be much cheaper to run.

Posted by Paddy Comyn (Drogheda) - Sun, 16 May 2010 10:49:32