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Can I trade in two cars on the scrappage scheme?

Can I trade my 2006 car with my 2002 model for scrappage in exchange for a new car? I have a 2006 Avensis and a 2002 Toyota Corolla hatchback to trade.

I want to get a good diesel car. I've clocked up around 75,000 miles in two and half years.

What garages will look at this type of trade?

Filed under scrappage - Asked by Allice Cox (Bagenalstown) - Wed, 12 May 2010 17:36


Hi Alice

It isn't totally unusual for someone to trade in two cars against one. Car dealers are a little short on good used cars and the two you have to trade are likely to be quite welcome. 

You could try and sell one privately and use the cash as a deposit against your newer car, but selling privately can be a headache and you might be waiting a while for the car to sell. I would suggest that you try your local Toyota dealer initially, as they're likely to offer better deals on your Toyotas. 

You mention scrappage in your question. Unfortunately neither of your cars qualify for the scrappage scheme as they are not yet ten years old. So it would be a case of trading in both cars against a new car as normal. 

Without knowing details of your two trade-in cars in terms of mileage and condition we wouldn't be keen to give you an estimate of the price of these, but it would seem logical that you would stick with Toyota and get another Avensis (a diesel) as you are likely to be most welcome by the Toyota dealer. 

Feel free to come back to us with more details on your cars and we will see how we can help further.


Answered by: Complete Car Adviser

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