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Do I have to display N plates again?

I passed a driving test a number of years ago but allowed my two-year certificate of competency to expire and have to resit my driving test. On passing test again do I have to display N plates for two years again?

Adam F (Co Galway)

Dec 2020 Filed under: learner

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Can a learner drive a 1.7-litre car?

Can someone on a learner permit drive a 1.7-litre car?

Maria Kealy (Kilkenny)

Apr 2019 Filed under: learner

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Do UK driving lessons count in Ireland?

I have just returned from the UK and I have had circa 30 hours driving lessons altogether. I cannot afford to take a further 12 lessons. Is there any way around this?


John Bowen (Cork)

Jan 2013 Filed under: learner

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How much to spend on first car?

How much should I spend on my first car? Thinking of a Nissan Micra.

Kat Fahy (Galway)

May 2013 Filed under: learner

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What'll I buy as my first car, for €10,000?

Hi folks,

I'll be buying my first car in a few weeks. Ideally I'd like to find something under €10,000. Just something reliable to get me to and from work, preferably in a low tax band and will keep insurance costs as low as possible (22-year old male). Any advice?

Also, if I'm paying in cash can I expect to get a discount on the asking price in a dealership? If so, roughly what percentage could I hope for?

Thanks in advance, Rob

Rob Henry (Dublin)

May 2016 Filed under: learner

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Is an older Golf a good first car?


I'm buying my first car and need some advice on what I should get. My budget is about €3,500 and I'm looking for a car with a 1.2- to 1.4-litre engine. At the moment a 10-year old Golf seems like the most reliable option.

Thanks, Conor

Conor Quinn (Dalkey)

Apr 2016 Filed under: learner

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Is it illegal to display an L plate when no learner driving?!

Is displaying an L plate when learner driver not in the car against the law??

I was stopped at a check-point a few days ago. As I was displaying an L plate the Garda asked was I a learner. I said no, it was for my daughter who was not in the car. He asked again why I had an L plate up. I explained again. He said it is against the law to display an L plate if I am not a learner. Asking if he was joking, he got annoyed. I asked if that meant every time she got into or out of car I had to put up/take down L plates. He said yes.

Completely impractical but can you confirm this?

Ruth Lavelle, Monaghan

Ruth Lavelle (Monaghan)

Sep 2015 Filed under: learner

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As a first car should I get an Opel Corsa or Toyota Corolla?

Hi, I am just about to buy my first car and I just want to make the right decision. My choices are a 2008 Opel Corsa (1.2 petrol) with 150,000km or a 2006 Toyota Corolla (1.4 petrol) with 100,000km. Both are going for around €4,800. Currently I am leaning towards the Toyota.

Caoimhe Brady (Cavan)

May 2015 Filed under: learner

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What engine size for a first car?

What should be the maximum engine size for a 17-year-old buying a first car?

S D (Dublin)

Feb 2015 Filed under: learner

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What's a good automatic car for a learner driver?

I have just moved back to ireland after living abroad, for 10 years of which I was driving an automatic - now I'm having to start the process from the beginning atin - theory test etc. What car should I get? Is it possible to take the driving test with an automatic car as I'd prefer? What would be the cheapest and most reliable automatic?


Roland Hempel (Dublin)

Sep 2014 Filed under: learner

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