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Looking for Tesla Model 3 pricing info...

Hi there,

Can you tell me what the VRT for a new Tesla Model 3 (basic model) is please? Why is it €48,900 here whereas in the USA it is $35,000?! Any reason for this huge price difference?

Thanks and regards


Roisin Keating (Firhouse, Dublin)

May 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Looking for a new estate car...


I am looking for a new estate car and would like to hear your opinion. I have been driving an Octavia Combi (1.6-litre TDI diesel, Ambition) for the past six years. I do approx. 25,000km per year, not many of those on the motorway. I really like the Skoda but would prefer something with a little more power and spec. I am thinking a 2.0-litre diesel in a high spec and have my eye on a one-to -two-year-old Superb or Passat. Any advice when choosing between those two? Also, I see if I go maybe one year older I could get an Audi A4 Avant. Would the A4 be a better option for comfort/spec over the other two?

Interested to hear your opinion.


M Lowe (Carrick On Shannon)

May 2019 Filed under: choosing new car

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Which head-turning SUV to go for?

Selfishly, I would like a head-turning vehicle, that's a comfortable ride and stylish. Unselfishly, I need to consider older parents that can get into the vehicle fairly easily and be comfortable in the back. Prepared to pay for the luxury but looking for right choice. Don't drive many miles a year, with a mix of motorway and urban. Petrol or hybrid seems sensible option. Have looked at SUVs briefly including Macan and Maserati, but not sure these are best buys? Looking for recommendations for a nice sized vehicle for up to four people.

Michelle Morgan (Bromley)

Aug 2019 Filed under: choosing new car

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Is the Grand California available in USA?

Is the Volkswagen Grand California available in the States?

Robert Kennedy (Mcallen)

Jan 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Ford Fiesta Active or new Puma?

I am looking at getting a new car, something easy to get into. I have aFord Fiesta automatic (disabled driver) so was looking at an Active model or saving up a bit and going for the Puma (which I like the look of). Both will have to be automatic. Am looking at Fords first before I look at options.

Emmet K (Westmeath)

Mar 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Weights of the Astra, Megane and Corolla?

Empty car weight for 2020 examples of the Opel Astra, Renault Megane and Toyota Corolla?

Wafaa H

Feb 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Should I buy a BMW 220d Gran Coupe?


I'm thinking of buying the new BMW 220d Gran Coupe; am I mad buying a car with such a niche market? Are insurance companies likely to hammer me premium wise? I'm 61 with a completely clear record. How would the resale value be?

I enjoy your articles and would appreciate your views.

Many thanks

Pat Hagen, Dublin


Feb 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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What's the point of the new Toyota Supra?

What's the attraction of a new model Toyota Supra when it is (just) a re-badged BMW and owes nothing to Toyota, nor can claim any of the Toyota reliability?

Philip Donegan (Ballina)

Jan 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Toyota RAV4 Luna vs. Sport?

What is the difference between a Toyota RAV4 Luna and RAV4 Sport?

Don Murphy (Cork)

Jan 2020 Filed under: choosing new car

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Should I buy a new Tesla Model 3?


I’ve been doing a lot of research into buying a car lately, specifically would love a Tesla Model 3 - Standard range plus. I’ve been looking at price from GB compared to Ireland and it’s around €5k cheaper (around £38k v €48k). I also understand I would be in receipt of €5,000 SEAI grant, but I cannot seem to calculate the VRT.

1. Can I buy in the UK and ultimately would I save money doing so vs Ireland?

2. I live in Dublin and I get the DART to work everyday (roughy €100 per month). I also currently drive home roughy three nights per week to Monaghan (roughly costs me €325 in petrol and tolls). I have a free parking space in work. (Quicker to drive than DART to work) Would I be naive in thinking that I would almost eradicate all of that €425 with an EV? Aside from electricity costs, also what would you estimate those to be?

The alternative for me was to buy an 15/16 Audi A5 or BMW 4 Series in around the €20k mark, but still be subject to aforementioned €425 monthly costs on top.

Am I trying to convince myself that a Model 3 is my best option or is it my best option? NB: I want something that I actually want, i.e. I don’t want a Nissan Leaf; if I’m going EV it would be Tesla or equivalent.

Brendan Traynor (Dublin)

Jul 2019 Filed under: choosing new car

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